IKO – Church Educational Centre, was established in 1945 as an independent institution, with special focus on the religious education in schools.

IKO is managed by a board of representatives, which consists of delegates from the bishops of the Church of Norway, the diocesan councils, in addition to a number of Christian organizations working with children and youngsters. They have given IKO the task of furthering Christian education in homes, the church and the society.

The publishing house
Early in the history of IKO there was a need for developing and distributing material to homes and schools. In 1952 IKO’s Læremidler A.s. was established, which changed its name in 1985 to IKO-Forlaget AS.
Today IKO-Forlaget is a substantial publishing house mainly issuing books and other products for children. They also publish books and resource material for congregations, church workers and parents.

Four main areas
IKO is a competence and development centre working on four main areas - Church and congregation, Nursery school, School and Home and family. Our goal is to contribute with research, advice, courses and further educational development within these areas.

IKO receives no regular financial support from the authorities. We therefore depend upon private donations, church offerings and project means to continue our work.

For more information about IKO, contact us on e-mail or telephone: 225 95 300.